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I have retired! After 18 years of providing free fitness information and tools, and free meal plans, I have shut down all websites:

  • which was the first home workout website on the internet with very popular fitness tools and over 400 million page views.
  • which had made over 6 million free meal plans, and
  • the amazing supportive online community for fitness and professional development. For a similar forum, try

I also closed my Facebook page. I am over 60 years old now and I have other priorities for my next 40 years. If you want to hear more about why I shut down my server and what I tried to do to keep it running, please watch my video “Scooby1961 shutting down for charity“.

If you want to reach me, leave me a comment on one of my YouTube videos. I try to respond to every comment. I will also still be active on Instagram.

I will continue to upload at least one video to YouTube weekly as I have every single week since 2006. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and clicking on the bell, but more importantly, come to my channel weekly to see my latest videos because YouTube may not notify you. I will also continue to do livestreams on YouTube.

Thank you for joining me on my fitness journey. I hope I’ve somehow made a difference in the lives of others. Thanks also for the memories!

Auf Wiedersehen!


A thousand fat loss videos summarized in 10 sentences

  1. Fat loss is 95% nutrition and 5% cardio. Doing more than 30min cardio a day does not help.
  2. If it tastes too good, spit it out. When food tastes too good, people overeat. Only obese people claim it’s possible to lose weight eating delicious food.
  3. For permanent fat loss you need to increase your metabolism by gaining muscle. A successful permanent fat loss program must include resistance training.
  4. Permanent fat loss requires patience. To be able to the gain muscle while losing fat, use no more than a 25% caloric deficit – for most people this means losing less than 5lbs a month.
  5. Do not micromanage your fat loss by letting your morning scale reading dictate your nutrition. Set a good nutritional course and hold it for at least a month before making any changes.
  6. EAT your calories rather than drinking them.
  7. Good nutrition means eating unprocessed or minimally processed foods. Easy supermarket test: If there are more than 4 ingredients, it’s not healthy.
  8. Supplements are expensive, unnecessary, and sometimes unhealthy. EAT REAL FOOD
  9. To have sixpack abs year-round without dieting, more than half your calories should be from high fiber foods like non-starchy vegetables, beans, grains, and fruit.
  10. Learn why weight loss is not the same thing as fat loss or you are doomed to a lifetime of obesity and yoyo dieting.

Remember, the above 10 points are a summary of over 1000 YouTube videos and nearly 2000 webpages of information on scoobysworkshop. If you want details, watch my fat loss playlist

A thousand muscle gain videos summarized in 10 simple sentences

  1. The workout you do consistently because you love it is far superior to the “best workout” that you never do.
  2. You are not a hardgainer. You are normal but fake natties have given you unrealistic expectations.
  3. Time management skills are critical for bodybuilding, start with 7 habits of highly effective people
  4. There are shortcuts to *looking* fit but no shortcuts to BEING fit. Fitness is a lifestyle.
  5. Supplements are a total waste of money – EAT REAL FOOD.
  6. If you have trouble staying motivated then your goals are wrong.
  7. Fitness gadgets are a waste of money. For home workouts, stick to a pullup bar, a suspension trainer, and used free weights.
  8. There are only 24hrs in a day so remember the 80/20 rule and stick to the basics. To gain muscle workout hard, eat clean, and sleep.
  9. Free old-school workout plans available for free on the internet are just as good or better than expensive workout plans sold by “professionals”.
  10. Skinny-fat is two separate problems which can be solved synergistically. Lift weights to become stronger while using a 25% caloric reduction with a clean nutritional plan like at
  11. Being weak and fat are two totally independent problems. A smart bodybuilding program addresses them at the same time rather than serially.

Remember, the above 10 points are a summary of over 1000 YouTube videos, for more information see my my muscle gain playlist.


After about the first 10 years of doing bodybuilding videos, I shifted a bit more toward life skills – the kind of things that are not taught in school. Most of these have to do with personal finance and career development. Here are the relevant playlists:

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